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> XML at the ASF


XML at The Apache Foundation

The Apache XML Project3d图谜总专辑牛彩网 used to be the home for many XML-related subprojects, many of which have moved to top-level project status recently or are currently in migration. The Apache XML Project slowly transforms into an place where you can find pointers to XML-related projects here in The Apache Foundation Foundation.

Until we have a local up-to-date list, please find a list of XML-related products within The Apache Foundation Foundation on the "Projects website" .

Remaining local projects

3d图谜总专辑牛彩网 the remaining subprojects directly under the supervision of the xml pmc are:

  • Crimson - A Java XML parser derived from the Sun Project X Parser. (in hibernation)
  • Xindice - A native XML database.
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